Quantum Electrodynamic Coherence

Energy and Matter

For more than sixty years since Albert Abrams, American physician, proposed biophysical information therapy (BIT), the world of Western medicine has continued to refer to classical mechanics and physics to Newton’s linear causality and has only recently shown interest for the prospects opened by quantum physics, in particular with the work of Giuliano Preparata of Dep. of physics, University of Milan, who died recently, and Emilio del Giudice, INFN Milano, pertaining to the theory of quantum electrodynamics (QED), that led to a new vision of condensed matter and, in particular, of living matter.

The basics of QED were published by Preparata in his book entitled “QED Coherence in Matter,” published in 1995 by World Scientific. The professor has repeatedly called for closer collaboration between physicists devoted to quantum physics and biologists-doctors in building a bridge between physics, biology and medicine, moving from the general laws of coherent physics consistent, points towards a new holistic view of life.

The points to be taken into greater consideration relate to new physics of the water, the coherence in tissue cells and interaction of ultra-weak magnetic fields with ionic systems of the cells themselves, but before examining the individual aspects of the problem, we leave that Prof. Preparata first and then Prof. Del Giudice, introduce some fundamental concepts for a holistic view of reality: the profound interrelationship between every physical item (field-particle) which forms the created reality.

The unit consists of an almost infinite number of fields-particles that  electrodynamic coherence (QED) materializes on the physical plane.

Giuliano Preparata writes:

The Oneness (Unity): the universe as a unified quantum field

The Oneness emerges from a deep understanding of the concept of the quantum field. The Universe is a single field. The field is the Oneness of the Universe. The Oneness is the triumph of the unit, is the unity of the world, is that the world is ONE and the particles and every phenomenon is an aspect of this Oneness. In other words, the world is one, and you atomize it with your choice to observe it in a certain way. The observer does not see the world, but sees a piece, he cuts a slice and see what happens in that piece … but that does not mean that you break or break up the unity of the One, the origin is the ‘One and this is the basis of the whole. The matter and the field are the same throughout the universe … Coherence is the full and total realization of the Oneness. According to quantum theory advanced fields, to which we arrived, there is this “A” field, in space-time, the Oneness. Coherence springs from the same conceptual structure of these fields then, miraculously, is realized as a real fact of nature and then as a generator of observed phenomena. So the quantum fields that describe the physical reality A, they do so in this unitary form in which different parts are related, in a manner well-defined and coherent with other pieces of space and time. Coherence is precisely this realization of quantum field theory, an “Avatar”, understood as “incarnation”, matrix, epiphany of the divine.

The Oneness, through coherence, would be able to hold together the world, then from this point of view, coherence is the strong point .

The theory of quantum electrodynamics coherence has to do with the interaction between the matter fields and electromagnetic fields in unison, on certain particular carrier frequencies, with certain phase relationships. The theory of quantum electrodynamics coherence is a particular aspect of coherent realization of quantum field theory to which we had originally given the name of “super radiance”, a term coined by Robert H. Dicke, physicist of Princeton who was the first to conceive of this coherent behavior,  of oscillations in phase, between atomic systems and electromagnetic fields, which then led to the laser and to other discoveries. He would have to call iporadiance, because unlike what happens to the laser, working in an excited state, the electromagnetic field is not projected to the outside of the system, like a laser beam that comes out, but remains trapped in the atomic system and it ensures coherent evolution. For which the coherent electromagnetic field and internalized is the glue of the systems and of the atomic individuals among them. Life is therefore a delicate balance between coherence  and incoherence.

Emilio del Giudice writes:

The universal quantum field: the physical base of the Unity.  Quantum field theory is the deepest response so far historically proposed to the problem of ‘ “one” and “many.” The Universe is described by a set of quantum fields, each of which extends indefinitely in space and time. While in classic physics the physical world is conceived as an aggregate of objects, each localized in space and time, in quantum physics each essential element of reality is coextensive with the whole universe  and has an intrinsic Oneness that typically manifests in the wave appearance of the field.

The quantum field has in fact double characteristics; is a set of quanta, of granules that provide the “intensity” of the field, but it is also governed by a “phase” (which, roughly, defines the way of swinging of the field) that emerges spontaneously from the global dynamics of the set of the quanta.

The precise number of quanta and the phase can not be simultaneously defined (this “uncertainty”, discovered by Heisenberg, is the most peculiar property of quantum theory), for which the enucleation of a well-defined number of quanta (atomistic-local point of view) destroys the ability to define a “phase” and with it destroys the cosmic connection. The local point of the view and the global one are therefore complementary aspects in the context of quantum field theory. The universe, deeply one, can also be seen, in a limit, as a set of separate individual realities.

Electrodynamic coherence: the “subtle dialogue” as a physical principle of co-evolution

The physical states closest to the existence of Oneness are coherent states in which an undefined set of “particles” is described by a well-defined phase in space and time, which ensures a related and cooperative behavior (hence the name coherency) of all the components that, in the process, they lose their nature of separate individuals. Coherency is therefore the realization of quantum field theory that privileges the unitary aspects, is a materialization of Oneness.

The properties of electrodynamics coherency was first studied in the field of those interactions between atoms and electromagnetic field that make possible the realization of the laser; the “superradiance”, that is the production of an exceptionally intense electromagnetic field and concentrated on a restricted number of modes of oscillation, is a manifestation of coherence. Another aspect is that the base of the condensation of matter in liquids and solids from the gases; in this case the name should be “subradiance” because the electromagnetic field, instead of being projected to the outside is held inside of reactions – the “coherence domains” – in which the atoms are moving collectively, governed by a “phase “generated by them;  example of self-regulation in nature, as opposed to the intervention “from the outside” typical of the mentality of classical physics. Besides these “coherence domains” should not be seen as “monads” in the universe, they have doors and windows.

The information field of the vector potential
The trapped electromagnetic field has with him a constant companion, the “vector potential”, totally unmeasurable quantity in classical physics, but that, in quantum field theory, influence the phase of a coherent system. The potential vector, unlike the field, is not trapped, it extends to a wide surrounding area, without transporting energy, but only information, and exerting its “subtle influence”, we could say like in computing science, by changing the phase of the coherent present systems .

Among the various coherent systems it is therefore opens up the possibility of a “subtle dialogue”, a communication without exchange of energy, which involves only the phases, which therefore escapes to each type of parcel measure and can be perceived only by those who put themselves in a wave ambit.

Next on the order of the coherency, there is the disorder of the gaseous world, of isolated atoms, localized “here and now”, submitted to the regime of the collision, of the thermal fluctuation and, taken together, bearers of a temperature and entropy.

Living matter is a synthesis between coherency and incoherency. In the interstices of the coherence domains of water, the dissolved molecules, initially not coherent, move following the selective recall, according to a resonance code between frequencies, of  the coherence domains, up to build membranes with their own coherence and therefore capable to attract, according to the same laws, other molecules with their chemical interactions change the nature of the characters and, through the general property of coherence, the phases and modes of oscillation of the involved fields. The “subtle influence” of the potential vector is then undertakes to correlate all these coherent structures in the unity of the living.

In the simple liquid water, the oscillatory frequency of the field, responsible of the cohesion of the molecules,  is one; when we have to deal with multiple systems, each with its own frequency, also bearing in mind that change over time, we begin to have a set of “notes” that vary over time and are no longer single, but arrangements, voices, messages. It seems the archetype of life:from a collection of unattached individual objects to an object that is “everything.” This may be one of the ways to understand the emergence of consciousness from matter.

The new Physics of Water
In coherent QED (CQED), the water is no longer the simple system, whose short-range interactions, although extremely complex and inexplicably, are not able to promote it as the protagonist of the vicissitudes of life. The interactions of CQED are able to demonstrate that the water is organized into Domains Coherent (CD) of the tens of micron dimension in which millions of molecules oscillate in phase with coherent electromagnetic field. These CDs, like islands in the sea, are surrounded by interstices of increasing size with temperature, of incoherent liquid, with the characteristics of the actual model of water. The density of the electromagnetic field depends on its wavelength and the protection of the coherent phase of the molecules is given by a sort of shell of hydrogen bonds that allow entropy to be zero within the domain.

These two forms of water, whose experimental evidence is impressive, have roles and features different and complementary.

The coherent part, highly structured in tetrahedral shape, which simulates the so called hydrogen bonding, generates magnetic structures capable in principle interact with weak electromagnetic signals and storing the information they carry.

The range of temperatures in which the biological systems can live, seems to be that in which the size of the interstices is still small enough to enable the phase matching between the various domains of coherency, but also sufficiently large to allow the entry of macromolecules. If a molecular species has a frequency of the field next to that of the coherence domain,  interact in a powerful way with the same domain.

In the incoherent part of the water, which characterizes its plasticity, dragging the ion system, studied for its aspects of coherency from the same Preparata in collaboration with Del Giudice and Fleischmann.  The importance of ions in the cell energy system is universally recognized and new physics of the water finally sheds light on their formation and dynamics.

The coherency in the tissue cells

The laws of CQED have important consequences in molecular biology and in medicine: with respect to cellular interactions, they constitute a good model for a tissue, because the CDs may be represented by spherules with dimensions comparable to those of a cell of medium size and in this way the existence of an ordered tissue depends on interactive attractions which probably work in a way similar to the spherules. The consequent energy gain tends to exclude any extraneous spherules whose oscillation frequency is different from that of the tissue cells, as long as it is greater than the energy gain that the intruder cell can realize interacting with its neighbors.

In the cell, the most interesting element is the DNA. In 1981, a group of researchers in the entourage of the Austrian physicist F.A. Popp demonstrated the origin of a “ultra-weak” cellular radiation, emitted by the DNA (carried by biophotons), through a dye (made of ethidium bromide) which triggers the unrolling of the DNA spiral, and its subsequent rolling in the opposite direction. The maximum level of the EM radiation emission is achieved in conjunction with maximum unrolling.

The DNA therefore does not behave only as a programmed manager of cellular activities, but also as an electromagnetic emitter for the control of cellular processes through continuous reactive pairs.

It can be assumed that the biophotons carry all electromagnetic emissions of the DNA, distributed in several intervals of the electromagnetic spectrum: audio and sub-audio frequencies for translocation and rotation activities, from sub-ultraviolet and infrared, for states oscillators, frequencies in the visible and ultraviolet for the activation of the electronic states. Hence it is clear that DNA is not only the depositary of a genetic code that manage the sequence of amino acids in proteins, but also is an active supervisor of all cellular processes via electromagnetism.

The extra-weak magnetic fields interact with the ion system cell

If a molecule oscillates with a frequency close enough to that of the field of coherence domain, you get a powerful interaction with the domain itself. Examining the structure of proteins, we see that only twenty amino acids take part in their synthesis, probably only those able to resonate with the typical frequency domains of living matter.

Rather than examining the intensity of the fields that interact with the molecules, as a qualifying parameter of cellular changes, it is of most interest to consider the phenomenon of “cyclotron frequency” of the ions located in the vicinity of the cell membranes. The cyclotron resonance (IPR) occurs when an electromagnetic radiation of well-defined frequency is absorbed by the outer electrons of atoms of non-metallic solids, subject to a magnetic field parallel to the variable magnetic field. In these conditions, the ions are forced to rotate like tops around the direction of the static field, with a radius of rotation and speed proportional to the field of electromagnetic radiation incident.

Giuliano Preparata, Emilio del Giudice and Getullio Talpo have theoretically shown that ions dissolved in a boundary layer between the membranes and coherent water domains have an effective temperature equal to zero , since they are in a coherent state and move in a medium, the boundary layer of the coherent domain of the water,  the thickness of which is approximately 80 Angstroms, wherein  the loss due to friction disappear.  In this way, the ions confined in this space are free to move frictionless.

The aforesaid phenomenon is of great importance for biology and medicine as it makes clear the influence of magnetic fields on the kinetics of ions and of polar organic structures across cell membranes  and, in other words, their role in attacking and conservating homeostasis and circadian rhythms.  Living beings are in fact immersed in the static terrestrial magnetic fields which vary with the time of day and with the seasons,  and have intensity and frequency  included in the right dynamic to produce  cyclotron movement of ions across membranes.  To this we must add the alternated magnetic fields produced by the “Schuman modes” in the space enclosed by the ionosphere,  and those generated by solar winds agents on the magnetosphere, whose frequency and intensity varies during the day, the seasons and the phases of the moon.

These phenomena occur at the cyclotron frequency for many ions and polar organic structures present in liquids and are thus fundamental to determine the physiological balance.

The same magnetic fields produced by the human nervous system, are more than trivial “background noise” of bioelectrical activity, but may have a specific organic function.

In conclusion, living matter cannot be regarded as simple molecular components, but must be depicted as oscillating molecules tuned with an electromagnetic field confined within a coherence domain,  whose size is inversely proportional to the energy gap achieved by the oscillating molecules. The electromagnetic field which can be transmitted by the coherence domains of the size of hundreds of Angstroms, allows to carry a message (electromagnetic) from the molecules, enabling their mutual long-range attraction, provided that the emission spectrum is identical, thus excluding unwanted sporadic events. The field emitted by more co-resonant molecules is characterized by frequencies that co-resonate with other adjacent molecules, then with groupings of the same, which intervene in the biochemical process, and so on. The fact that small modifications of the molecular structure lead to a change of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted and therefore of the resonant conditions, explains how even minimal changes (addition or loss of atoms, replacement of ions, etc), radically alter the functionality of the concerned molecule.

In the human body, water molecules are in much greater proportion  than any other compounds, such as proteins, and therefore are meant to transmit information in the surrounding “area” and, probably, also to amplify it.

Regarding cellular systems, it is particularly interesting studying the mechanisms through which very small signals are able to influence large cell clusters by mechanisms that amplify the stimulus in different ways. In the simplest case, the receptor activated by a molecule or adequate spectrum signal, transmits the stimulus to a cascade of other intra and extra-cellular molecules, multiplying and spreading the initial stimulus. A different solution is the “stochastic resonance” that reduces the sensitivity threshold by overlapping the background noise on the signal. In other words, a stimulating weak signal on which is overlapped a noise, causes the oscillatory switching of the receiving system with the same frequency of the weak stimulus, but with considerably greater amplitude.

The stochastic resonance has been thoroughly studied in biology and neurology with several empirical results.

Since the concept of resonance has been mentioned several times, it is appropriate to examine it in depth. Resonance is a well known phenomenon, studied by various branches of classical physics, ranging from acoustics to mechanics. The resonance mechanism allows us to trigger a train of oscillations in an instrument capable of oscillating, or enhance an oscillatory phenomenon already in place, stimulating it with the same frequency signals. The phase of incident wave respect to that of oscillation in act,  will determine or the exaltation (coherent phase) or the damping   (opposite phase).

In the biological world subject to the laws of quantum physics, resonance leads to an exchange of information with no real energy transfer, according to the laws already exposed, resulting in modification of the control parameters of the affected area. Bellavite and Signorini propose a very striking and effective parallelism: if during the reading of a text in which are espressed ideas that catch our mind, because we fully agree with them,  a resonance of thought is created between writer and reader without any transfer of energy between each other.


To sum up
In the world of quantum physics, the “field” consists of values ​​which do not always have well-defined values, but of which we can not, however, indicate the value simultaneously. If we fix the intensity (by determining the number of quanta), we will have a field characterized by incoherent oscillations: light; defining the phase, we can not count the quanta, but the particles have perfectly synchronized oscillations in phase and we will get the matter.

These two conditions of the same reality (energetic and material), exchange information by means of electromagnetic emissions. The exchange takes place in all possible directions, between homogeneous elements, whether they are cell clusters or organs, thus able to receive and decode the signal transmitted by a very low level. However, we have to do with an open system maintained stable by multiple adjustment processes that generate a continuous stream of e.m. signals  relating all cellular activities, by the flow of nutrients to the equilibrium antioxidants-oxidants, from the production of ATP to the pH adjustment, etc.

(source: Biophysics Research)

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  1. I believe your thesis. I’m currently working with a Quantum Physics prof as a research partner, who’d like to see the hard core mathematics (Hamiltonian and all 🙂 so he can be convinced that coherence at room temp is a possibility.

    So far, all the papers we’ve been able to fetch (e.g. Bono 2012 “Coherent Structure of Liquid Water”) do the math near 0 Kelvin, and then (in section 5) say “but it’ll work at room temp too”. And that doesn’t convince him…

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