Water was turned into a quasicrystal

Water can under certain circumstances become a quasicrystal – a form of organization structure of solids with icosahedral symmetry. Such a conclusion is made in the article, scientists, published in Journal of Chemistry Physics. Briefly describe the work in the press release of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Quasicrystals have forbidden to ordinary crystals the axes of symmetry, in particular, the seventh, eighth, tenth, twelfth, and other orders. Until now, some experts speculated that water may exist in the form of a quasicrystal by hydrogen bonds, but in practice it has not been proved.

The authors of the new work is also carried out laboratory experiments. With the help of computer simulations, researchers have calculated that the water can go into a state of the quasicrystal at a pressure of 5,000 atmospheres. To get out of the water quasicrystal, you must put it between two solid plates so that the distance between the plates was no greater than 8.5 angstroms (an angstrom – is 10 -10 meters).

More recently, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) proposed to amend the existing definition of the hydrogen bond – bonds, which is formed, in particular, between water molecules and largely determines the unique properties of this substance. New data indicates that this relationship may be partly covalent nature.