About us

We are a group of scientists, medical doctors and other professionals,  who have been working on an ambitious project: to bring together under one theory, method, and integrated protocol,  new technologies for health, combining the latest discoveries in quantum biology,  spintronics, biophotonics,  and bioelectromagnetism.

Founder & CEO: Prof. Stefania de Matteo – Pharma Manager, ICT Manager, System Integrator, Science Divulgation Professional, Professor in Bioelectromagnetism at Saint George School

Scientific Board:

  • Dr. Ira Pastor -member of the  World Economic Forum Human  Enhancement council
  • Prof. Roberto Piergentili– PhD Genetist, Molecular Biologist – CNR Council National Research
  • Prof. Giuseppe Genovesi – Immunologist, Endocrinologist, Psichiatrist, expertise in Genomics – Sperimental Medicine Department – University LASAPIENZA ROME
  • Prof. Egidio Ugo D’Angelo – Physiologist -University of Pavia
  • Prof. Giorgio Sandrini – Neurologist – Neurological Institute Mondino
  • Dr. Giancarlo Cavallino –  expert in immuno mediated diseases – Integrated Medicine  SMIGE
  • Prof. Guido Paoli – PhD in Biophysics – Scientific Director of Research Institute “Pantellini”
  • Dr. Valeri Aljas – doctor in Biophysics –  Estonian inventor – Tomsk Medical Institute
  • Dr. Marco Pasqualini – doctor in Pharmacy – Expert in Toxicology and Genetics
  •  Prof. Massimo Radaelli – biologist – Director External Relations St. George School and CIRNA Onlus, Scientific Director online magazine “Planet Medicine and Health”, Vicepresident ANaM

Scientific Medical Strategist:  Prof. Giulio Tarro, Nobel Candidate for Medicine

Scientific Biophysics  Strategist:  Prof.  Andrew Gapeyev – Russian Academy of Science  

Organizations and Companies with which we collaborate:

  • WAMS – World Academy of Medical Science –  www.wams.online 
  • BIOQUARK Inc.  www.bioquark.com   –   REGENERAGE CLINIC  www.regenerage.online  –     Induced Endogenous Regeneration And Repair
  • Russian Companies and Scientists  in Biophysics , Biophotonics, Quantum Genetics, Quantum Biology and NON-LINEAR Medicine 
  • CIRNA – Center Italian Research Neuroscience Advanced
  • Mediquasar – Medical Device Certification & Compliance
  • I.I.Q.I.M. – International Institute Quantum Informative Medicine
  • A.NA.M. – Association National Massotherapists (for Quantum Hydrotherapy)
  • CONFINIA CEPHALALGICA ET NEUROLOGICA – Magazine about Medicine of the Institute of Advanced Neuroscience
  • PLANET MEDICINE AND HEALTH – Online Magazine about Health and Wellness
  • C.M.A. – Complementary Medical Association UK
  • Saint George School – ECM credits

Other Collaborations:

  • Dr. Stefano di Biagio – Medical Center in Rome – HealthQE Center
  • Dr. Juri Carrasso – Medical Center in Belluno – HealthQE Center
  • Prof. Andrea Savini – Sports Nutrition Specialist ISSN,  Visiting Professor Saint George School
  • Sig.ra Rossella Cappai  – Pt  cft1 Issa, Open Academy of Medicine, Divulgation Chief
  • Dr. Giuseppe Strano – Psychologist
  • Sig.ra Erica Pezzarini – Divulgation Specialist
  • Sig. Roberto Rizzini – Divulgation Specialist
  • Sig. Attilio Funaro – Institutional Strategist
  • Dr. Lucio Levorato – Finance Strategist