HealthQE : a new way to take care of your health.

Because we are living crystals.



Our innovative method


We are an international research consortium, integrating  new methods and technologies in Medicine, joined by new theories of quantum biology, spintronics and bioelectromagnetism.

We are a group of companies and scientists worldwide, and it is in continuous improvement.

Additionaly, we are making use of complex Brain Computer Interface Systems to monitor the neural patterns before and after these unique therapies.

This is an increasingly important branch of medicine, called “bioinformational medicine”.


About us

We are a group of scientists, medical doctors and other professionals,  who have been working on an ambitious project: to bring together under one theory, method, and integrated protocol,  new technologies for health, combining the latest discoveries in quantum biology,  spintronics, biophotonics,  and bioelectromagnetism.

Founder & CEO: Prof. Stefania de Matteo – Pharma Manager, ICT Manager, System Integrator, Science Divulgation Professional, Professor in Bioelectromagnetism at Saint George School

Scientific Board:

  • Dr. Ira Pastor -member of the  World Economic Forum Human  Enhancement council
  • Prof. Roberto Piergentili– PhD Genetist, Molecular Biologist – CNR Council National Research
  • Prof. Giuseppe Genovesi – Immunologist, Endocrinologist, Psichiatrist, expertise in Genomics – Sperimental Medicine Department – University LASAPIENZA ROME
  • Prof. Egidio Ugo D’Angelo – Physiologist -University of Pavia
  • Prof. Giorgio Sandrini – Neurologist – Neurological Institute Mondino
  • Dr. Giancarlo Cavallino –  expert in immuno mediated diseases – Integrated Medicine  SMIGE
  • Prof. Guido Paoli – PhD in Biophysics – Scientific Director of Research Institute “Pantellini”
  • Dr. Valeri Aljas – doctor in Biophysics –  Estonian inventor – Tomsk Medical Institute
  • Dr. Marco Pasqualini – doctor in Pharmacy – Expert in Toxicology and Genetics
  •  Prof. Massimo Radaelli – biologist – Director External Relations St. George School and CIRNA Onlus, Scientific Director online magazine “Planet Medicine and Health”, Vicepresident ANaM

Scientific Medical Strategist:  Prof. Giulio Tarro, Nobel Candidate for Medicine

Scientific Biophysics  Strategist:  Prof.  Andrew Gapeyev – Russian Academy of Science  

Organizations and Companies with which we collaborate:

  • WAMS – World Academy of Medical Science –  www.wams.online 
  • BIOQUARK Inc.  www.bioquark.com   –   REGENERAGE CLINIC  www.regenerage.online  –     Induced Endogenous Regeneration And Repair
  • Russian Companies and Scientists  in Biophysics , Biophotonics, Quantum Genetics, Quantum Biology and NON-LINEAR Medicine 
  • CIRNA – Center Italian Research Neuroscience Advanced
  • Mediquasar – Medical Device Certification & Compliance
  • I.I.Q.I.M. – International Institute Quantum Informative Medicine
  • A.NA.M. – Association National Massotherapists (for Quantum Hydrotherapy)
  • CONFINIA CEPHALALGICA ET NEUROLOGICA – Magazine about Medicine of the Institute of Advanced Neuroscience
  • PLANET MEDICINE AND HEALTH – Online Magazine about Health and Wellness
  • C.M.A. – Complementary Medical Association UK
  • Saint George School – ECM credits

Other Collaborations:

  • Dr. Stefano di Biagio – Medical Center in Rome – HealthQE Center
  • Dr. Juri Carrasso – Medical Center in Belluno – HealthQE Center
  • Prof. Andrea Savini – Sports Nutrition Specialist ISSN,  Visiting Professor Saint George School
  • Sig.ra Rossella Cappai  – Pt  cft1 Issa, Open Academy of Medicine, Divulgation Chief
  • Dr. Giuseppe Strano – Psychologist
  • Sig.ra Erica Pezzarini – Divulgation Specialist
  • Sig. Roberto Rizzini – Divulgation Specialist
  • Sig. Attilio Funaro – Institutional Strategist
  • Dr. Lucio Levorato – Finance Strategist




Legal & Operative Site: Via Vincenzo Petra 151, 00126 Rome Italy

Fixed phone: +39 06 5218137

Mobile phone: +39 338 4531086

Email:   info@healthqe.cloud