AI Physics

The unprecedented advance of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques
that we are currently witnessing is dramatically changing
the way we interact with technology.

Education, healthcare, manufacturing, or transportation
are well-known areas in which AI is having a tremendous impact.
A more silent revolution is taking place with the application of AI to scientific research.

Introducing to the main ideas underlying the application of AI to advancing research in Physics,
we can consider how AI can help solving several fundamental and applied problems in this area
that otherwise would be very difficult, if not right away impossible, to tackle.

The connection between AI and Physics is not a one-way road:

AI can indeed contribute to the advance of Physics Research,

but, reciprocally, Physics insights can lead to even more powerful AI algorithms.

So, a new interdisciplinary sector is born: AI PHYSICS.

Mission of HealthQE is taking AI PHYSICS TO THE NEXT LEVEL.