Second Physics

Introducing the new Second Physics

For a new Phase-Nested Spin Torque Medicine, based on a Second Physics.

HealthQE define Second Physics, a new Hierarchical PolyPhase PolyScale Spinning Physics.


Fundamentals of Hierarchical Scaled Description in Physics and Technologies

Through the last ~(50-60) years despite the numerous singular innovative scientific and technological moves, we can observe the 2 contradictive streams in advancements in science and technologies.
One trend is in the real continuous progressive movements in Science and technologies.
Still another tendency is that all these advancements are based on the same knowledge, inventions and science that were already known to humanity up to the WWII.
Still it should be otherwise as it was in XIX, beginning of XX.
Strange notice on the progress one might say.
The main reason for this as many scientists came to the idea is that something wrong is going on regarding the foundations of our civilization’s science.
Nothing really new came out of labs after the WWII that might be compared to electron or nucleus discovery, or DNA, for example.
In general conventional physics for more than 50 years the extremely expensive experiments in particle, nuclear and high energy physics gave only more of new “intermediate” results.
Results of vague misleading statistical interpretation. Not anything of extra class.
Only the anti-gravitation platform of Grebennikov is coming to mind as the comparable discovery in significance.
And it cost really nothing in terms of government support.
A few (many) fields, laws are considered as untouchables?
Meanwhile, history gave us bad consequences of this congealed state as in astronomy, Aristoteles mechanics, etc.
Some scientists suggested to start the really new physics as the 2nd Physics in hope that with the new name will come and a new unrestricted (as now is) progress in physics and technologies.
Here, about Hierarchical, Scaled (HS), Local – Nonlocal description concepts,
HS physics, biology, mathematics, other HS sciences and HS technologies,
the term “medium” (material) has been applied to almost everything that surrenders to mathematical depiction,
not only to the meaning of materials science.
A major problem in many fields (sciences, technologies) is the creation (or studying) of a new medium (material) that has the most desirable characteristics or with specified properties.
The medium (material) physically natural should bare the features of Heterogeneity, Scalability, or features of being in any case of two or more than two Hierarchical scale – which is the imperative attribute of any physical matter.
Water, any liquid or solid state is, at least, of molecular and continuum constitution scales can be deemed, any other medium, not mentioning really composite nature or multiphase media.
This problem is presently treated by procedures that are primarily heuristic in nature because commonly used methods, theories having insufficient means for describing the material with the precision and detail needed to treat all the important features in a meaningful way.
The most challenging goal is to describe a material with physical models that incorporate each level of the material spatial hierarchy from subatomic, less then Angstrom, scale to at least 3 or 4 orders of magnitude greater and to describe how the models at the various scales of the hierarchy interface in a consistent rigorous way that is verifiable by measurement.
This task is of enormous difficulty and, as a result, even the approach is in dispute.
As it is well known to technically savvy engineers and scientists the only way which used to derive the basic governing equations (models) in each and every physical discipline is via application of the Gauss- Ostrogradsky theorem and like modifications.
Even a particle physics, it is useful to stress out here that has been many decades the field where XVIII century discrete point-mass methods have been used almost exclusively as major explanatory tools, found itself as the HSP-VAT submitted to.
This theorem communicates physical properties of a medium’s volume to its surficial values.
The theorem had served well for more than hundred fifty years for formulating the physics as we know it.
To our interest, the thing is that this theorem is good for Homogeneous one scale medium properties merely.
Meanwhile, near 50 years ago in 1967 the first publications containing the truthful Heterogeneous media Gauss-Ostrogradsky theorem, which we call the WSAM theorem (by Whitaker, Slattery, Anderson, and Marle) opened the only correct path to formulating the governing equations for physical problems in scaled and heterogeneous media.
Also, we would like to state again and again that the Homogeneous subject physics is just the genuine constituent part of the broader business of the Heterogeneous, scaled, hierarchical description of a matter. And there is no contradiction in this statement.
All the physics that has been and is used for the Homogeneous matter – on this or that particular scale, is the conventional physics as known to most of physicists, and as such continues to be the means for Homogeneous subjects only.
Meanwhile, as soon as we have more than the one scale physical matter challenge that is the first indication the Heterogeneous physics tools, including the WSAM kind theorems should be applied.
That brings in the new classes of governing equations, models, etc., and inevitably the new Hierarchical Scaled Physics.
Among works in physics and biology attempting to describe the hierarchical nature of most of the scalable subject in these fields we could not find (locate) out the ones that could be the stricter than simply the qualitative nonmathematical description.
That means no serious theories to consider for comparison regarding the hierarchical mathematics, physics, and biology narrative.
Nevertheless, many methods of “averaging” have been brought up for investigation in various sections of this website, mostly in physics disciplines.
The big problem is the notions pertaining to the smallest scale which surprisingly is always considered as a Homogeneous one?
Well, we do not discuss the smallest of all used scales, like ~10^(-50)-10^(-90)[m].
But many of the subatomic and subnuclear scales are addressed.
We would like also to say that the connection, interaction between the scales are in need to be assessed precisely and definitely, but for this the conventional contemporary “Homogeneous” physics has failed so far to tackle the issue.
What was said above means, the mathematical and physics consequences from this should become the generally new mathematical and physical formulation and solution of governing equations and models for (at least) two scale problems for Heterogeneous, Hierarchical Scaled Media in Physics, Biology, other sciences, and Technologies.
Unfortunately, there is more to that needs to be changed.
As long as the conventional, orthodox Homogeneous physics (COHP) has been trying to tackle everything, including and the Heterogeneous, Scaled media phenomena, then it (COHP) should be corrected on this.
Meanwhile, the troubles for COHP have been closing to a catastrophe anyway associated with the insolvency of even Homogeneous electrodynamics as it was developed in XIX-XX centuries.
This is the emergency cry, it can’t be delayed, despite of political organization and interests of COHP.
This type and proportions of the global change (paradigms shift) in the way of scientific and technical thinking is overwhelming for most of the scientific and high tech (hitherto) communities worldwide.
Those who understand the implications first of all think about the personal affairs, career threat.
Abilities of people to learn unfortunately greatly being diminished with age, that is why most of professors who know about this way of doing the scaled, local – nonlocal, hierarchical science and techs – the only correct one so far, are silently seeking their “mattresses” for reaching until their retirement years.
But not about teaching students better. And we know many of those.
We should mention with respect the late S.Marinov’s effort. Who is interested can find information in the net easily.
After dissolution with UCLA in 2002 we no more looking for active publishing in hard copy journals (COHP journals), instead we rely mostly on publishing in this and other internet resource along with further interested parties.
That is why most of 90s and after 2000 research in all the physics fields presented at this website, including and Thermal Physics and Fluid Mechanics, are published either in the sections-sciences here or other publishing resources or in this website is given some information on the results achieved.

Elements of the 2nd Physics at the beginning of XXI  (Hierarchical Scaled Physics and Technologies)

The reasons at this moment – to write down a few distinguishing precursors of near the horizon Physics 2 were appeared because many sources, people, and even some journals feeling the wind of the third stage of the change in physics (“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer ) started sometimes ago claim and name themselves as the “New,” the “Second physics,” and “pretty innovative” advancements!

We have found that almost all these claims are just the old Conventional One-scale Orthodox Homogeneous Physics (COHP) mimicry and Simulation of the 3rd stage of the new truth by A.Schopenhauer.

The COH physics tries to change slightly the tools, often only the same they know from the university education a few decades ago – most of them are old enough, and saying – “me too” loudly. As in the Cold Fusion area the COHP physicists became in mass’ accept it and write some “innovative discoveries” of the some COHP reasons why it exists and develops for further. They “forgot” about the coin of “junk science” and prohibition of the COP > 1, etc.

Anyway, the signs of the Physics 2 are much more irreconcilable with their knowledge base and the ways of thinking and work. And we demonstrate this in the below points the real symptoms of Physics 2 that is under the development already since ~1930s.

These notes about the Signs of the Physics 2 have been given here in the open literature mostly for people who can adhere themselves to the Frontier and Exploratory Science. We mention in the front page that these “fields inquire the open mindset and some time for ability to apprehend the education that is far from conventional stature physics.” All of this said based on many years work and collaborations with various sciences professionals. Unfortunately, most of technical professionals cannot apprehend some of rather difficult information from the future. This is just the psychological characteristic.

The Pillars of Physics 2

1) Not only recognition of the aether in a qualitative manner, as like – yes, we know that it exists. But full acceptance of the some features that are known at present and useful and pivotal for the craft of a researcher, worker in technologies.

Use of those aether pertinent characteristics with the possible for a user level of mathematical proficiency and physical issues qualification. Practical use of the aether.

2) Recognition, knowledge, and use of the fact that most of our universe itself (and possible of others) and of its parts, matters are of Heterogeneous nature and structure at different scales.

3) Recognition, knowledge, and use of the imbalances, improper theoretical analysis and mathematics, inadequate treatments of issues in the Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz (MHL) Electromagnetism for Homogeneous matter. H.A.Lorentz warned on this inadequacy in 1923, but others preferred not to hear on that.

4) Recognition, knowledge, and use of the facts that the sub-atomic particles are not the Point-Mass-Charge-Spin (PMCS) objects, but the Volumetric Structural Objects-Particles with the mass, charge, and spin as established by experiment.

5) Recognition and acting in the studies with the aether as not of a simple Homogeneous or even Structural, Corpuscular or similar Heterogeneous structure volume filling (between the atoms and sub-atomic particles) substance, matter.

The aether is much more complicated matter with mostly by experiments revealed properties up to the present – beginning of the XXI. One of these properties is the Materialization – Dematerialization (Transduction in and out) of a matter and use in our universe, world.

6) Recognition, knowledge, and use of the Heterogeneous mathematics based at present mostly on the Heterogeneous theorems that are similar to Homogeneous mathematics theorem of Gauss-Ostrogradsky.

7) Recognition and use the advanced Galilean (actually the very different) electrodynamics only of Heterogeneous matter. Right now at the beginning of XXI this Heterogeneous electrodynamics is based on Homogeneous electrodynamics of Ja.G.Klyushin.

8) Recognition and use of Heterogeneous Scaled Classical Mechanics instead of the One Scale Classical Mechanics for PMCS of XVIII – XX.

9) Recognition and acceptance of knowledge of physics and biophysics as the one field. The reason for this is that the biophysics is still the much more complicated science that (that is OK here) the physics itself.

10) Recognition and use of Polyphase (aether first) Polyscale (2P) Particle, Spinning (Rotation, “torsion”), and Nuclear physics. As soon as they are the 2P experimentally.

11) Recognition and use of only the 3P (Polyphase (aether first), Polyscale, Polyphysics) Continuum Mechanics as the most developed at the moment HSP (Hierarchical Scaled Physics) group of sciences.

12) The speeds of interaction, influence and the field transport signs speed in the aether are much larger then the speed of light in the aether. The Entanglement is just the feature of transport in the aether. So, no SR and GR, and not only because of speed, but mostly because of improper theory in MHL electrodynamics, Homogeneity of Spatial Matters, and of the Aether absence. No just geometrization of physics as the wacky offer, point of view.

13) There are others then the four kinds of interaction that are accepted in COHP at present. And the 3rd and 4th “interactions” of COHP with high possibility are just of the electromagnetic nature.

14) The Gravitation is the phenomenon tight to electromagnetism and the aether properties and dynamics.

15) Many, if not everyone of the COP > 1 contemporary devices succumb to the direct and often strict explanation while in the environment of the 2nd physics theories.

Well, and we don’t call them a “junk” science, especially if the great experimental evidences on the table. That in spite that in the US even judges became the experts in calling this or that phenomenon as the “junk” science (Wikipedia “junk science”). We don’t do this – just recognize that yes, the bad, ignorant, and foolish “scientific” studies exist.

Examples of our explanation COP > 1 invented devices – the pure Magnet Motors; the Cold Fusion processes type of A.Rossi’s reactors; nuclear reciprocal transformation and energy generation in the chamber of J.Papp engine; Hendershot’s Perendev generator; etc., etc.

16) The 2nd Biophysics implementation to phenomena and processes as, for example, for the magnetobiology and macromolecules internal dynamics and interaction; intracellular polyphase dynamics; energy 3P generation and transformation within the cell; cell-tissue Bottom-Up scaling; spinning (“torsion”) dynamics (transduction) in bioprocesses; physical and mathematical modeling and explanation of Embryonic Induction; etc..

These processes are the HSP 3P processes and modeling have demonstrated the power and ability for advancement within the 2nd Biophysics. Meanwhile, these theories are unreachable in COHP based biophysics.

17) Medicinal implementation of the 2nd biophysics already includes more then 25 years of advancements in fluids flow, mostly of polyphase, polyscale (2P) blood; in 2P organ’s tissues theorizing and modeling; polyphase polyscale polyphysics (3P) processes in organ’s tissue; disease modeling (at least the major 3P features) now can be available as the 3P process; etc..

All of this is not achievable in the medicinal COH physics, biochemistry theorizing and modeling.

These are not the well known problems, more is that they are being cared to hide – still can not be resolved within the Homogeneous One-Scale General physics, Spinning physics, nuclear, particle and atomic physics, electromagnetism, Gravidynamics and astrophysics.