HealthQE at Healthcare Event  for Electromagnetic Medicine

HealthQE at Healthcare Event for Electromagnetic Medicine

Healthcare Forum 2017: the "Future" of health between innovation and new technologies

On 29 and 30 September the Forum of Sustainability and Opportunities in the Health Sector is scheduled in Florence, the space for a national discussion on the Italian health system and its future. Conferences, workshops and dialogues to define the current state and plan the new routes of tomorrow by analyzing if and how our health system will be reached by therapeutic, technological and social perspective innovations or revolutions.

From women’s health to the national debate on diabetes, passing through rare diseases, vaccines and the future of the health professions, new technologies and innovation: these are the main topics that will be addressed during the first edition of “Future“. As stated on the website dedicated to the event, hosted within the Forum, the event will be dedicated to celebrating innovation in the Healthcare sector. The conference, in support of sustainability, technologies and the therapeutic revolution, will address the main developments in the sector: Neuroscience, Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Future Trends and Longevity will be discussed.

Discussing the future and opportunities of the medical sector will be attended by numerous guests such as David Wood, President of the London Futurist, Nicola Dragoni, Professor of Computer Engineering at Örebro University (Sweden), Lieutenant Colonel Marco Biagini, of the NATO Modeling and Simulation Center of Excellence. We will talk about the Future of Health, treatments and diseases, healthcare and digital technologies. Ample space for young people, with experiences, ideas and curiosities to tackle new themes, strategies and projects. The forum is to be considered an annual event to deepen and update the theme of innovation in the national health system and to start innovation and development processes.

In the link the detail of the scientific article by Dr. DE ICCO of the IRCCS Mondino of Pavia, that sponsored participation of HealthQE, on Electromagnetic Medicine:




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